Price: $15/7 macarons, $24/12 macarons
Unicorn macarons are $3 each.
All macarons are 


We love our macarons and we’re sure you’ll love them too! We currently offer two different collections of flavours: classic and tropical.


Classic Collection
Sea Salted Caramel // Dark Chocolate Ganache // Dark Roasted Coffee // Light Vanilla


Tropical Collection
Lemon // Milk Chocolate Coconut // Mango Passion Fruit


Ordering a box of  7 macarons entitles you to a single flavour of your choice.*
Ordering a box of 12 macarons entitles you to two flavours.**


*due to the fact that all products are made fresh, the macaron shells in a box of 7 will all be one colour – colour selection does not change the flavour.
**You have the choice of one or two macaron colours for a box of 12.


Unicorn macarons are $3 each.



All of our cakes are delicious! But there are a lot of options when it comes down to ordering different flavours, styles and and sizes!


Each cake is homemade. Below is a list of our different styles and a description of each:


Napolean Cake
14 layers of puff pastry dough, vanilla pastry cream mixed with whipped cream and with a fruit topping or plain.


Honey Cake
16 layers of honey dough, pastry cream made from sour cream and whipped cream with a fruit topping or plain.



Price: $18/6 cupcakes


There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the cupcake dough and the premium filling. Below are the various dough and filling choices, followed by our most popular combinations.


Vanilla // Red velvet // Chocolate // Salted Caramel // Carrot


Berry Mix // Lemon // Salted Caramel // Chocolate Ganache


Popular combinations:
Vanilla dough with berry mix or lemon
Red velvet dough with berry mix or chocolate ganache
Chocolate dough with berry mix, chocolate ganache or salted caramel
Salted caramel dough with salted caramel
Carrot dough with salted caramel


*due to the fact that all products are made fresh, a box of 6 cupcakes will be limited to one dough/filling combination.

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